This is an important moment in your life. The moment when you finally decide to build a brand new single-family home in Naples, Florida. Go ahead. Let your imagination run wild.

Custom Dining by KTS Homes

Are you a trend setter? Leaning toward a more contemporary look with floor-to-ceiling windows that allow Florida’s sunshine to shine brightly in? Bright and airy with brilliant white walls and accents of soft, muted greys? Clean, modern lines in not only the architecture but also the fixture and finishes? Then you’ve come to the right place. KTS Group can design and build the contemporary home you’ve always wanted on your lot or ours. Inspired by the use of state-of-the-art materials and innovative construction methods, KTS Groups’ cutting-edge contemporary designs are drawing state-wide attention as a leader in the field. Accolades aside, KTS Groups’ exemplifies the contemporary aesthetic while shattering the preconceived notion that “modern” equals “cold.”

Estate Management Services from KTS Group

But if contemporary homes aren’t your bag, perhaps the custom home you envision is more transitional in nature. A blending of more traditional home design with that of contemporary styling, resulting in a look that lies somewhere between British West Indies and coastal cool. Wrought iron railings and plantation shutters on the outside and open spaces for spacious living on the inside. Still light, still airy but a little softer around the edges.

Custom Kitchen by KTS Homes

Traditionalist? No worries. We get it and have been building custom homes in traditional styles for years. A home with columns, arches, defined living spaces in earthy tones and more. Traditional, yes. Though never stodgy.

This is just the beginning of your new home journey. Imaging your home. At KTS Group, we bring your dreams to life using a variety of materials, textures and inspirational imagery. The end result is a custom home that is a reflection of the qualities in life that are most important to you.