Close your eyes. What do you see?

Bright colors and tropical sunsets or more subdued hues of soothing grays and cool blues? Do you see the ocean, or do you dream of the golf course?

This is the beginning of our journey. KTS Group wants to know what excites you. Our collaboration begins when we discuss what you want from your custom home and help make it a reality. We bring your home to life by using a variety of materials, textures and inspirational imagery that accurately reflect what qualities of life are more important to you. This is our approach with every client; to create a synergistic relationship that brings the project together as both Architect and Builder. As a Design and Build Firm in Naples, we are able to foresee any potential challenges and make modifications that ultimately make your home better than you could have ever imagined.

home rendering
red house sketch
wooden house frame
interior of a home


Architecture is not just about the functional construction of buildings; it’s mindful design in a space that reflects personality, culture and society. KTS Group’s vision is not just that of application, but of art. Inspired by the use of state-of-the-art materials and innovative construction methods, such as cantilevered overhangs, KTS’s cutting-edge design approach is drawing state-wide attention as a leader in the field. Accolades aside, KTS’ exemplifies the contemporary aesthetic while shattering the preconceived notion that modern=cold.