3 / 17 / 2021

KTS Group: Outdoor Spaces

Outdoor spaces can transform into veritable works of art. Scott Kish II, the lead designer of KTS Group, creates stunning backyard scapes that will make any outdoor living area an entertainment-worthy extension of your home while adding extra value to your property. Designed to your tastes and liking, when you sit down with Scott, tap into his design expertise and plan on giving extra attention to serious backyard design with the focus on making that space chic, comfortable, and inviting.
Working from the outside, a covered pool cage is a must in Southwest Florida, ensuring overall pest control in the hottest summer months. Even if your property is far apart from neighboring parcels, it will also enable you to install automatic shades perfect for providing complete privacy for au-natural midnight swims to daily sunbathing.

Add pizazz, and circle the pool area with attractive pavers for a non-slip surface and consider custom pool designs in shapes other than a rectangle. A free-flow water feature from spa to pool, waterfalls, or a beached area holding a few lounge chairs where toes easily dip into tepid water elevate the pool from ho-hum to wow. The addition of dual fire urns flanking a pool spa adds interest and drama as it enlivens sunset evenings with colorful licks of flame.

Outdoor fireplaces installed onto a stone wall under a television monitor are a popular choice. Or, add a large fire pit with stone benches, where the younger set can roast skewered marshmallows or make s’mores – a never-ending source of delight for all ages. Check out AK 47, for exceptional Italian-made fire pits in marble, teakwood, or concrete, in zen, onion, or even teepee styles. 

A fully-outfitted kitchen with a bar, grill, refrigerator, ice-maker, and wine fridge will please the home chef as well as guests. Make it unique with the addition of an outdoor pizza oven in which to turn out personal pies like a pro in up to 800 Degree wood-fired outdoor ovens like those made by Fontana Forni. Or, try the Ooni brand for a more modest investment in wood-fired cooking.

The addition of fine luxury outdoor furniture will define your personality and be an extension of your interior taste. Think across-the sea designers for a comfortable, traditional style like British designer Coco Wolf. To integrate with the natural environment, Italian outdoor furniture maker RODA manufactures teak that perfectly fits outdoor living.

EGO Paris is a European house that melds tradition and innovation for a unique style. Tuuci’s modern designs for umbrellas, cabana, parasols, and shades are unmatched, offered in eco-friendly pieces.

Adding large native potted plants and tropical foliage will fill in or serve as focal points. Oversized agave plants known for their ability to store needed water for drought conditions are stunning – just don’t get too close to its pointed leaves. Wall or ceiling-mounted fans add interest and provide a breeze when needed. A dual motor ceiling fan with tropical palm-style blades lazily circling on a summer day evokes images of sultry Caribbean venues and is sure to provide that tropical vibe (palmfanstore.com).

Add upgraded LED lighting and maybe a chandelier to take your space to new heights in glam outdoor living – there is no limit to what you can do to make your outdoor mecca one in which you will use every day. After all, our piece of Southwest Florida is known as the Paradise Coast. With KTS Group and lead designer Scott Kish II, you can create an exceptional slice of paradise that will become part of your everyday – outdoor luxury living at its finest.