2 / 10 / 2021

KTS Group: The New Wallpaper – Making The Ordinary ExtraOrdinary

The New Wallpaper – Making The Ordinary ExtraOrdinary!

So, you want to create a room that’s uniquely YOU. What can you do to add that pizzazz to make a statement while reflecting your inner creative genius? Try some of the new exciting wall coverings. NOT your mother’s wallpaper with outdated flecks of fuzz and micro floral designs, today’s picks are replete with visually and texturally rich patterns that scream WOW.

The most popular picks today gravitating towards wallpapers with hints of metallic and glitter. Geometric patterns, large florals are definitely in vogue – bathrooms, dressing rooms, dining to powder rooms. Some artisans use non-traditional materials like linen or grass cloth, that serve well to reflect light.

Others employ designs borrowed from nature – branches, leaves, flowers, petals, birds – an array of flora and fauna interpreting old-found pastoral stand-bys into new-found images, often transposing colors to give fresh visual inspiration. Who said you couldn’t have fuchsia hummingbirds gently hovering along the top edges of a powder room wall? Wallpaper today has the power to be transformative and can cool or warm, inspire, soothe, or excite the senses.

One New Jersey homeowner, Jessica Crowley, wanted to adorn her dressing room walls with something that would support, highlight and complement – not compete – with her voluminous collection of designer and high-end finery.

“I looked for something different – something bold – something as vibrant as my furnishings but still soft and feminine,” she says.

Searching for a paper that would be perfect, even though the actual wall spaces were small, selecting the right patterned adornment would be vital to making the room stand out. The color was important, and she chose to play off the while custom cabinetry fashioned by California Closets.

Multiple velvet-lined jewelry drawers, hi-low shelving for over-the-knee leather boots, to those for low-cut booties, studded sandals, and Golden Goose brand sneakers are displayed. Moderately sized shelves holding sky-high heels from designers such as Jimmy Choo, Christian Louboutin, and Valentino shared space with those sporting a collection of fine handbags from Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, and more. One particular pair – decidedly qualifying as never-to-be-worn – black sky-high heels, replete with black studs, sporting the signature red sole, is boastfully perched on a singular top-lighted shelf as the resident piece of art. Such is the dressing room that needed the finishing touch.

Our suburban housewife eventually found her wall covering in an Instagram post by @RH_Interior_ Designs, which showed exceptionally gorgeous designs in a room layout.

“I messaged @RH_Interior_ Designs and was pointed to Ellie Cashman Design, where I found a treasure trove of unique, original, hand-drawn designs available in two materials: fleece wallpaper and vinyl wallpaper. It was perfect,” she says.

Jessica finally decided on Summer Squall Daylight White, a floral pattern of her favorite bloom – peonies. After installation, she was pleased with her choice that lent just the right amount of femininity with a fresh modern appeal that serves to accent her high-end furnishings.

“When you first walk into the room, the paper grabs your eye and has become the first ‘WOW’ and the first compliment of my personal space. Using designer wall covering enhances and transforms an average dressing room into a unique space,” she added.

Ellie Cashman web site compares the fleece wallpaper to traditional wallpaper having “a smooth surface and a matte finish” best for residential use. In contrast, the vinyl wallpaper “has a lightly textured surface and a matte finish, best used for commercial applications due to its durability.”

From eye-popping kitchens to a nursery to powder rooms, Ellie Cashman’s large-scale designs are described as “wallpaper like you’ve never seen it before – larger, darker, deeper, more evocative and more emotional. Highlights fade gradually into soft shadows, fine detail into blur, creating a stunning three-dimensional effect and a moody atmosphere,” the designs are truly unique in their three-dimensional quality.

Made using a combination of traditional and digital art media that can be customized to scale and placement as needed for any space, the artisan states, “walls can be more than just functional structures that divide spaces and hold up ceilings. Walls can have and create moods.”

Her oversized floral prints are fashioned in a color palette includes hues in shaded gradations of beige, black, blue, brown greys, whites and off whites, pinks, and rose. Also, she offers a 74.8-inch diameter round wallpaper option that can make a decidedly exceptionally distinctive room statement.

Wallpaper can make a room exceptional with chic style in a way one-dimensional wall paint cannot compete. Consider this option for your next decorating foray.


J.C. Amodea

The New Wallpaper – Making the Ordinary Extraordinary