2 / 23 / 2021

KTS Group: Your Personal Custom Space for the Home Chef – The Kitchen.

Your personal custom space for the home chef – the kitchen.

The kitchen, long considered the heart of the home. It’s the place where everyone seems to gather for an everyday family activity to good times with friends and family. Knowing good food and drink is on tap is the draw. So, to make your tasks most pleasant, KTS Group works with you to create that gourmet dream kitchen, a space in which you will delight in stretching your creativity and exploring and executing new and exciting recipes.

Cabinetry – In our popular coastal contemporary homes in Southwest Florida, modern, clean lines with minimalist design in pure white are the first choice in kitchen cabinetry; maybe clear or frosted glass appeals to you. However, that does not preclude you from expressing your inner self with ultra-modern, all-black, sunny yellow, or robin’s egg blue painted cabinets. Or, opt only to use color on the kitchen island cabinets; do what pleases you best. Circle the area with as many cabinets as possible, even designing your kitchen island with added under countertop storage. Remember – luxury is space, and when you custom-design a new build with KTS Group, that is your priority.

Flooring – Whether you choose hardwood for its classic beauty or the new trendy tile – either in high gloss or wood-like textures, KTS Group will assist in selecting flooring that is both functional as well as easy to maintain and which supplies high visual appeal. Handmade tiles in cement – yes, it works – to terra cotta give your home that extra personal touch. Choose neutral tones from which to build your overall room color scheme.

Countertops – Granite has been done, and besides opting for the gorgeous Carrara marble – a timeless pick – many new kitchens are being outfitted with quartz countertops. Best for its ability to handle everyday wear, it is more affordable than marble while still offering the beautiful look of natural stone. Soapstone countertops pair well with warm, earthy designs and brass hardware. Stainless-steel countertops shine against white cabinetry for a gleaming aesthetic – whatever rocks you are the right choice.

Open shelving and the use of retro plate racks are a new trend for 2021, promising ease and a quick grab of everyday dinnerware, glassware, and cookware. Access frequent-use daily pieces with glassware and mugs or cups placed upside-down. Stand a few cutting boards in different shapes and sizes and scatter a few indoor potted herb plants for a fresh new arrangement.

Appliances – this is one place you should plan on splurging – you get the best long-term use from top-quality appliance brands. Consider a wine cooler, ice-maker, maybe the finest luxury full-sized twin Sub-Zs in stainless steel or designed with custom panels, installed to masquerade as cabinet fronts. We have noted that some homeowners are using range hoods that are tiled to match backsplashes for a seamless look – let KTS Group show you. And if you think you’ll need doubles in ovens and microwaves – do it. Who doesn’t want to be prepared for handling the holiday cooking chores quickly and efficiently?

Lighting – Of late, shiny nickel, brass, or chrome industrial style pendant lighting or clear glass globes are making a hit. You can mix metals or coordinate with hardware and your sink.

Pantry – One of the most needed and functional of all of your kitchen planning should be the inclusion of a decent-sized walk-in pantry. KTS Group offers design ideas for organizational closets and shelving for solutions to storing the provisions you need daily, dry products, and holding the occasional need pieces.

 KTS Group, a leader in custom design and build can make each dream come true – idea by idea and room by room.

Jean Amodea with KTS Group